More than just a test

Okay; here I am again.

This is more than a test, really.

However; this is a test in the sense that I want to see how text plus my images look on my wordpress. I’m in the middle of customizing it.  🙂

So in the meantime, enjoy the photos of zinnias I took from my neighbor’s lovely yard!

zinnias005         zinnias001

You’ll see that I love macro photography, and even more specifically; flowers.  I tell you, romance to me would be my guy bringing me flowers; just because.  Almost 6 years single and still looking for my best friend lover.  haha


This next photo I had posted on Fat Tuesday.  And since I’m not good at remembering dates, I couldn’t tell you when Fat Tuesday is.  Other than it has bright bold colors.  Hey; I don’t mind being in my right mind.  🙂


So now that we have our first post.  Welcome.