That hardly constitutes as a lunch

Sunflower seeds, a banana, and Cheetos.  If I’m lucky enough to incorporate lunch to the daily routine; it might be along those lines.  That hardly constitutes as a meal; and, I know that.  I might as well add, that during my awake hours, I carry a mug of coffee around with me.  The past six years of being a single mom and pursuing my passions would not have happened without the reassuring help of coffee.  What a magical little bean.

I started the day, with coffee; and, with a wonderful Skype conversation involving my boyfriend.  It’s tough to be in a long distance relationship.  I’m fortunate that we are only separated by 3 hours; and, that it won’t be that way forever.  Talking to him gave me motivation to get on my grind; in regards to my photography business.  Diligently working on the details, always spinning plates.

I have a free moment.  My son is out with his grandma; so I’m taking full vantage of kicking it in gear.

So that’s why my lunch was basic.  And solely consumed so I didn’t pass out at the keyboard.

Here are some of my photos to distract you.

As I’m proofing this post; I noticed that the images are red, white, and blue.  Well that’s fitting.  Happy Labor Day, as well.

 lgredflower01These red flowers did not return this past summer; and, they’re supposed to.  Ain’t that just my way….


Because you can never have enough Zinnia pictures.

butterfuly001If I could put thought into action; I would print this picture for my therapist.  She loves butterflies.


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