The Bean

Happy National Coffee Day!!  I plan on celebrating all day, as if; that’s different from any other day. Ha.


Going hard; with the hot & cold.

I try and convince myself that I get my daily water intake from the amount of coffee I drink.  I mean right, though?  You mix the grounds with the water.  Bam.  Coffee!  Water plays an important part; so dammit, it’s justified!  People crack jokes that I take my creamer with coffee.  It’s true.  I love it sweet!


Drive by photo I took while in Columbus, Ohio- adventures with my boyfriend.

While I’m working on getting my photography to be my main source of income, I realize, I will need another job to supplement my funds.  There are many jobs I wouldn’t mind having; and, I think I could be quite happy working at a coffee shop.  Maybe not this coffee shop.  Perhaps one that is more “mom and pop”.  One that has a little more charm and personal flavor.  Going to work would be like an extension of leaving my place; which, I love my place.  I do get social anxiety; but, seem to do very well in crowds.  Deep down I believe I’m an introvert.  The comfort of my house gives me peace.  We can all do with a little more peace; and, coffee.


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