Throw Back Thursday – Almost Famous

I love Halloween.

I love that for one universal night, everyone has the chance to be something different from their regular day to day lives.  The scale of creativity is limitless.  You never know what you’ll see from peoples’ imaginations.  I like that kind of uncertainty.


Nothing displeases me more. 😦

Halloween this year, kinda fell by the wayside.  I’m living out of sorts, because I’m planning a major move before the start of winter.  I will be much happier when that happens; but, in the meantime, I’m feeling depressed.

And just because I’m not getting to partake in any dress-up shenanigans, doesn’t mean that I can take the fun out of my son’s Halloween.  I made him a super cool race-car driver costume.  His school parade is today, and trick – or – treat is this Saturday.  I will have fun for him, and no doubt, he will have fun, too.

So I’m going to live vicariously through my Throw Back Thursday post.


The Penny Lane

One year for Halloween, I dressed up as Penny Lane, from Almost Famous.  I figured it really easy, because people often tell me that I look like Kate Hudson.  It’s also, a very, good movie!


Halloween – 2010

Halloween, 2010.  Holy crap, five years ago!  Ha!


Halloween 2010. I won prize $$ at my work’s costume contest.

What is everyone dressing up as this year?


Don’t Open – Dead Inside

I’m a huge zombie fan.  I’ve followed The Walking Dead since its first premiere.  When I discontinued cable, I had to find other means of watching the show.  And unfortunately, I have to wait till Monday to actually view it.

I steer clear from social media until I’m able to see it, because you know, there’s spoilers out there!  Don’t worry; not in here.


Why spoil it? That’s like telling a kid there’s no Santa Claus.

While I wait to watch my favorite show, I think, there’s no reason I can’t fulfill my zombie addiction in the meantime.

I’ve attended eight charity zombie walks, with my camera in tow.  I was very nervous on my first walk.  I went by myself, because I usually go stag wherever I roam.


Lakewood, OH – moi

I learned quickly to save my camera from sticky Karo syrup messes; I need only to do one side of my face in gore.

When I arrived, there were hundreds of people dressed up as the undead.  Make-up artists are available on hand for a very small fee, or, you could just youtube a tutorial on zombie make-up and d.i.y.  🙂


Lakewood, OH – charity zombie walk.

Zombie walks are usually held at a pub, and for a cause.


Lakewood, OH – The Five O’Clock Lounge

The walks I attend, hosted by Old School Sinema, have raised over 15,000 lbs of food for local food banks.

I may have been nervous to attend; but, I’m so glad I did.  I have made some wonderful friends from these walks!  Some of my closest friends are zombies.

Over the eight walks, I’ve collected a plethora of zombie pictures.

I figure, to help keep me on routine with my blog, I’d dedicate a day to a zombie post- I’m deciding on if that will be Sundays, or Mondays.

I still feel salty that I can’t watch The Walking Dead until a day later.


Probably, Mondays

Whatever.  I’ll survive.  🙂


Eat Your Heart Out

It’s A Tiki Bar

I am genuinely interested in taking a Rorschach test, otherwise known as, the inkblot test.

I’m pretty sure I could come up with some interesting opinions.  I would find the process rather fun.


Obviously, an acorn.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I see this picture, is that, some poor squirrel is late for dinner.

The second thing that comes to mind is, a tiki bar.

Probably because it’s been eight years since I’ve visited the coast, and I’m longing to breathe in the salty air.

I can picture it now.  Clear oceans and white sand, with little huts on the beach, serving me up a Pina Colada.  Real legit like, too, with a slice of pineapple and a paper umbrella.

I’ve been longing for a vacation like that for ages!  So much so, that I start seeing it in random objects, like an acorn.

Prompted / Water

I grabbed a random prompt.  Water.

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved water.


I also loved dress up.

That was my pool.

Every summer, for fifteen years, I would enjoy taking a dip, a dive, a canon ball.  My parents would refer to me as a fish, as they had the hardest time getting me out of the pool.


Columbus Zoo

Having a pool was one of the best memories I have from my childhood.

We didn’t need a holiday to have a picnic.

When I was younger, my family was large in size- with grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins, and family friends.  I was the first granddaughter born after nine boys!  I was spoiled, no doubt.  That didn’t stop all the boy cousins from playing rough with my inflatable pool toys, because we would just get new ones for the next party.  Spoiled rotten.

We would pack our backyard with 30+ people, every time.  Plenty of food and beer to go around.  I’m not sure how I was raised in a family of drinkers and didn’t acquire the taste buds for it.

After many years of enjoying the pool, wear and tear had taken it’s toll and it was no longer usable.  That was depressing.

Not more depressing than having relatives pass away.  Our large family had dwindled down to practically just the immediate, and many grew up and went on to have families of their own.  With no place like my backyard to gather, get-togethers became few and far between.

Shake it off.


Columbus Zoo

I am blessed to have these kind of memories from my childhood.

I needn’t be a dickhead about it.


Columbus Zoo

It doesn’t negate the fact that I miss my backyard and everything that was in it.

We had lovely hostis plants.

I balled out one year when I got my income tax check; and, I bought myself a macro lens.  The first time I used it was when it had rained.  I loved the way the droplets were magnified.


Hostis, outside of my bedroom window.


I love flowers, and have many beloveds.  Marigolds are probably my least favorite.  Yet they are so hardy, and flourish well in the fall.



Now, if I could only drink more water. 

Get Down With the Sickness

Geeez, it’s rough when you’re taking care of a child with a cold.  My six year old son has the cold, you know the one, you might even have it yourself.  It’s the sickness that rolls around when the weather changes.

We’ve done the doctor thing.  Got the medicine.  We’ve taken it easy, as much as a six year old boy can.  We’ve watched the old school Willy Wonka, because really, is it up for any debate?  Gene Wilder humor all the way.


Okay, since you asked.

What sleep? 

Most parents have that radar love.  No matter how faint the sound is, you can still pin-point it to belonging to your kin.  Like a dog who hears your ever so quiet attempt at opening the fridge.  Ears perk up, you’re on alert!

When I hear my son coughing, I’m ready to jump in and see what I can do to relieve him.  Propping up pillows, glass of water, vix vapor rub, kisses for comfort.  It is a helpless feeling for a parent, because damn, coughs are persistent and unrelenting!

Last night it wasn’t so much the coughs; but a fever, which to me is a worse threat.  I could’ve fried an egg on his head.  I gave him some children’s ib-prophen, and used cold washcloths to bring down his temperature.  And of course, reassured him that, this too shall pass.


How distorted your head feels with a cold.

You think, will I ever feel better?

I just want to go back to seeing my boy smile and cold-free!


I wanna see his livelihood restored like one of his dream cars.

He stayed home from school for two days.

He awoke today, post fever, and was ready for some 1st grade.

I don’t blame him, I think I went overboard when I tried having us watch Babes in Toyland, the 1961 version.


Side effects from being in love.

When you’re sick, or caring for someone who is sick, many things go unattended.  Now that Paxton has returned to school, and God forbid, I don’t get a phone call that he isn’t feeling well; I have plenty of things to catch up on.

I just have to resist the urge of a nap!  But, boy, am I exhausted.

I Feel It In My Toes

I woke up this morning to a Freeze Effect & Frost Advisory warning on my phone, courtesy of the weather channel app.  No doubt about it, it’s cold outside!

I can feel it in my toes.

No, really.  I can feel it in my toes.

Two years ago, when the “polar vortex” swept the planet, I got a slight case of frostbite.  Otherwise known as frostnip.  The freezing of body tissue.


Does anyone remember Polar Vortex?

I admit, I didn’t have proper boots.  They were cloth like, and very susceptible to cold and waterI stayed outside longer than I should’ve, on account of wanting to make the best snowman my son has ever seen.  I can’t make a snowman to save my life!

So of course it was cold.  My feet were freezing for over two weeks before I realized they were numb, and starting to pull blood at the tips.  I became concerned at that point, and jumped to the obvious prognosis.  Diabeetus.


I thought I heard somewhere that a symptom of diabetes is blood spots on your toes.  So I googled that shit; all the while, my feet were colder than my son’s ice pack.  I just figured it’s a polar vortex; erryone’s feet is freezing, suck it up sweetie.

I could take no more, and went to the hospital to get it checked out.


A sample of my skin tissue, OR just ice on a window?

They told me I had frostnip, bordering on frostbite.  The doctor prescribed an anti-biotic and salve.  My toes went back to looking normal.

But when it’s cold, like it is now, I still feeeel it in my toes.  They are freezing, even with fuzzy socks on.  They still go numb.


Really dreading winter. Waaah.

The way I see it, I just need to move to somewhere warm.  haha  🙂

Throw Back Thursday – Metro Park

Today, like any other weekday, I awoke before the birds.  6a.m.  I scramble in the morning to pack my son’s lunch for school.  I know I could save myself the hassle if I would pack it the night before.  I fully intend to implement that practice, one day.  We jet off to the bus stop by 7:20.

When I get back, I sip my hot coffee on the porch, surrounded by 11.2 acres of woods.  The birds have finally woken up.  We have a lot of woodpeckers and titmice.  Yup; titmice, that’s a bird.  The sounds of nature remind me of a throwback to the days when I lived back in my old town.  Not a very wooded area; however, we did have a metro park that I would enjoy trailing.


Silver Creek Metro Park

I would often take my son to the metro park with his bucket in hand, to collect his treasures.

I really enjoyed when my brother would come along for our adventures, too.


My brother.

This picture was taken right before he ripped a big hole in his shorts.  haha

There had been a time when a storm was approaching, and the moody clouds contrasted really well with the crisp land.


Silver Creek Metro Park – I love blue and green.

My mom is the type that if there were a storm brewing, she’d send us in the basement.  There was no fun in that.

tree woman

Silver Creek Metro Park – Strong like a tree.

One more day till the weekend; then, the birds will wake up before me!!  I probably jinxed myself with this, and my son will wake me up at 5:30a.m.  Let’s hope not.  🙂

Gypsy Woman

I often wear my shoes until there are holes in them; and, they’re falling apart to the point of- JUST GET NEW SHOES ALREADY.

I attribute much of that on my frugality.

People have made comments that it’s because I’m a gypsy.  I laugh at that; because, it’s true.


I turned an old dvd rack into a hat and scarf catcher.

Up until two years ago, I usually lived within 30 minutes from my childhood home.  Which had been in my life for 29 years.  There was a kind of comfortable certainty about it.  I had roots growing from my toes, and that’s probably where the holes in my shoes came from.

With the onset of foreclosure and family crises, that happened to be one after another, it had forced me and my family out of our comfort zone; and, more into the twilight zone.  I have spent some years, very confused.  Go ask Alice.


When my family and I discussed a move from home; northeast Ohio, to 2.5 hours south to West Virginia- I was initially syked!  A new adventure.  It wasn’t a normal relocation, though.  My family purchased property on a mountainside.  We had to bulldoze the lot, move trailers onto the lot, get electric poles, septic; and, MANY other things that I’ll save for later posts.  It has nonetheless been an adventure.

I was waiting in Ohio for our spot to be finished, (it took from scouting properties in March 2013- move in November 2013) and that’s actually quite quick when you think about everything that went into it.  In the meantime, all I could do was wait.

How do you spend your limited time knowing you have an impending move?  What kind of attachments can you form if you know you have to leave?  I had two things that was really hard to walk away from.


On a music note, I got a press pass to take pictures of Saliva.

Music has been a passion of mine.  My cousin, James Gang, and his buddies had a local rock band.  They were looking for a singer.  I filled in while I could.  I was in a depression during that time and the one thing I would look forward to was Sunday band practice.  I love hearing my voice through a PA! haha.  Just to name a few, we were covering Janis, Zeppelin, Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, The Cranberries, and Janes Addiction.  There was so much fun potential when we jammed together.  The excitement was everywhere.  That’s why it killed me when I had to pack up and leave.

Leave to go live in a town where no one knew my name.  Having to say goodbye to the band was like having to say goodbye to a lover.  Which that was number two.

heart leaves


I wasn’t in a relationship; and, I hadn’t had deep feelings for someone in ten years.  I ran into someone from high school, whom I didn’t know while in high school; and when we met, I felt connected to him.  For me, it was clear to see that I would fall for him.  Timing could not have been more off for us to be in a relationship.  He was getting his life where he needed it to be.  A man with a plan, is admirable!  And, I was moving away.  I never had a definite move date; but, was always told, “just another month from now”.  While I was waiting to move, we hung out as friends, and as artists sharing our dreams together.  We played it cool.  Well, he did.  I was a wreck.  I wanted him as my boyfriend. haha

When I finally did move away, we remained in contact for two years.  I still had it in my mind that I wanted this guy.  We kept playing it cool.

This past summer…. Well… That’s a real romantic movie like scene.  Saved for another time perhaps.  🙂

I’m ready for a new pair of shoes.

We Don’t Carry Almond Milk

One of the things I really miss about living in the city is having the convenience of stores located near by, and the variety in which they possess.  Wal-Mart, Kmart, Giant Eagle, Aldi’s, and places similar are a 30-45 minute truck down the mountain and alongside the river.  Forget about Target; I think that’s like, 1.5 hour away.  The awesome Target gift card that my boyfriend got me for my birthday will have to wait till I can stumble upon the store; perhaps when I visit him next.


Mosaic mural on my town’s grocery store. My boyfriend likes turtles.

Here in my town, we had a relatively decent grocery store.  It wasn’t a popular chain, in fact I’d never heard of it.  Galaxy.  It was clean, well stocked, and had decent choices.  Over-priced?  Yes.  In respect, making the 30-45 minute drive out to the “big city”, that doesn’t even have a target, just isn’t practical.  Not all the time anyways.  You have to plan your whole day around something like that.

This past summer, the Galaxy burnt down!  😦


I think I found my rabbit hole.

I was left with the one other grocery store in town.  And they don’t even carry Almond Milk for my smoothies!  I digress!  The lack of selection mixed in with it’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre “charm”, I just don’t ever find myself in the place.  I do, however, find myself standing outside of the place.


There’s that turtle, again!

The other grocery store has this incredible mosaic mural on the outside of their wall.




I think this one is my favorite

To think, all the time and materials it took to create this!  Each little piece.  Intricate.




A flower appeared.

I usually gravitate towards photographing nature.  There’s a passion inside that wants to explore still life.  I’m taping into it.


My boyfriend motivates me in the best ways.

It’s almost the weekend!  Anyone have exciting fall plans?…

He Asked Where the Meat Was

He asked where the meat was?

I told him it was in his pants.


I’m kinda obsessed with peace signs.

I love my vegetables!  Some of my favorites are zucchini, asparagus, tomatoes, broccoli, and spinach.  I’m trying my hand at cooking more and more.  I hadn’t really a passion for it; because, I’m horrible at time management, measurements, and clean up.  I’ve lived the bachelorette life for 31 years, my entire life.  I was perfectly fine with dumping a bag of waffle fries in the oven and melting cheese- calling it a meal.  I actually decreed it Appetizer Tuesday; Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday.

If you’re cooking for one, it becomes a little asinine to plan meals.

There will come a day when me and my long distance boyfriend will move in together.  I’ve got to do better for us.

Tonight I ditched Appetizer Tuesday, and used the fresh groceries I bought.


Tomato – Spinach – Cheese Omellete, with Zucchini and Asparagus

This was the picture I sent to my boyfriend asking him if he liked these kind of veggies. 

His response.  “Where’s the meat?”

I replied.  “In your pants.”

I look forward to making meals with him, and for him.  I would always see amazing dishes on pinterest; and think, it’d be nice to eat this with somebody someday.


I’ve been pinning since the day Pinterest was created!