Hills vs. Mountains

It feels like the first of October.  It’s a crisp 55 degrees, nestled into the mountains of West Virginia.  I believe it is Hurricane Joaquin that has brought on all this rain.


I had to! You’re welcome!

I live in the northern part of WV; and, the locals will tell you that these aren’t mountains, these are hills.  I just moved down here from Northeast Ohio.  So to me, a hill is something I lay on; and, I look up towards the clouds in amazement.  A hill is something I sled down in the winter.  These are mountains.  They have roads that make you feel like you’re cruising on a roller coaster.  The ups and downs, the whips and weaves.  Most of the riders drive fast; because, they know the land.  Me, I’m like, I don’t know what’s around that bend?  Oh!  Look, it’s a drop off, below you lay the woods!  That is not a hill!  You can’t convince me otherwise.


Border – Drive by on the Ohio side; across the river, West Virginia.

If these aren’t mountains, then one day I’ll surely have to visit some mountains!


If you follow the arrow, that is road you turn off to get to my driveway. -taken last fall

I’m impatiently waiting on a Skype chat with my boyfriend.  I’m thankful I managed to finish this post in time; because, there goes that sweet text message to say he’s on.  Fall is going to be tough to go through without him near me.


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