My Hands Are Not Tied

Most of us have heard that saying before.  “I’d like to ______; but, my hands are tied.”  It’s basically saying that the situation is out of their control, and not up to them.  Sometimes it’s absolute, and sometimes it’s relative to the person.  I had become good at accepting the victim role, which became the crutch I would cling to.  A few years ago, an injustice was done upon me.  It became very debilitating.  I am not a weak person; I had spent most of my life in manic phases.  A very euphoric state.  I had been a creatively driven person.  I believed I could make something spectacular of myself.  Manic trumps depression any day.  When struck with post-traumatic stress, depression has a way of lingering.  I couldn’t see myself out of burdening situations.  Essentially, my hands were tied.


Lakewood, Ohio. 2012. Charity Zombie Walk

It’s time to gnaw my damn hand off.  I don’t want to feel bound by any excuses, and look back and regret.  I have it in me to see through anything I want to do.  I do have to push myself.  We all do it everyday.

The struggle is real; but, so is your dream.  So go get it!!


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