What Is That Coming Thru My Door?!

With a week straight of rain and no sun, it is such a pleasure to have a day with nice weather.


I bought this mug last week. People have compared me to sunshine; and, some days I need a reminder.

Today is the epitome of a fall day.  I’d love to have my door open.  Let loose some of that stagnant air that’s been weighing down the place.  I do not have a screen door, so every time I leave the big door open- I surrender trust to the wind.


This is my mountain lion, otherwise known as KiKi.

One day, my cat who spends his better times outside, had found it’s prey.

It was a spring day and I had opened my door located in the kitchen.  My establishment, which has the layout style of a ranch, gives full view to what’s going on throughout the kitchen, dining room, and living room.  My work hub is located at the ass end of my living room.

While I’m on the computer working on photo edits, I happen to hear a scatter come through the door.  I look to my left and I see a fully alive chipmunk run inside, with my fearsome mountain lion not too far behind.

Instantly, I jumped up onto my office chair!  Kiki chased Alvin the circumference of my corridors, until they reached a corner that was filled with my son’s toys.

I screamed, “Kiki! Get it, KiKi!  Get it!….  KiiiiKiiii!”

From my extreme distraught, Kiki knew he had done wrong by bringing this live animal into my home.  Unsure of what to do next, he starts creeping out the door, leaving me with my new pet.  I calmly try to coax KiKi back inside.  After three feeble attempts, Kiki burst through the door with the might of 300, and went to the toy area to snatch Alvin.  Spot on.  And ran right back out the door with his stunned prey in mouth.

I am thankful he was successful in getting that woodland creature out of my home.  I wasn’t ready to watch youtube tutorials on how to care for your chipmunk.   

I’m very leery of leaving my door open now-a-days.  It’s a trust I’ll have to have with my cat.  I think he knows better after that alarming instance.

Has your cat ever brought you any presents?


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