He Asked Where the Meat Was

He asked where the meat was?

I told him it was in his pants.


I’m kinda obsessed with peace signs.

I love my vegetables!  Some of my favorites are zucchini, asparagus, tomatoes, broccoli, and spinach.  I’m trying my hand at cooking more and more.  I hadn’t really a passion for it; because, I’m horrible at time management, measurements, and clean up.  I’ve lived the bachelorette life for 31 years, my entire life.  I was perfectly fine with dumping a bag of waffle fries in the oven and melting cheese- calling it a meal.  I actually decreed it Appetizer Tuesday; Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday.

If you’re cooking for one, it becomes a little asinine to plan meals.

There will come a day when me and my long distance boyfriend will move in together.  I’ve got to do better for us.

Tonight I ditched Appetizer Tuesday, and used the fresh groceries I bought.


Tomato – Spinach – Cheese Omellete, with Zucchini and Asparagus

This was the picture I sent to my boyfriend asking him if he liked these kind of veggies. 

His response.  “Where’s the meat?”

I replied.  “In your pants.”

I look forward to making meals with him, and for him.  I would always see amazing dishes on pinterest; and think, it’d be nice to eat this with somebody someday.


I’ve been pinning since the day Pinterest was created!


2 thoughts on “He Asked Where the Meat Was

  1. Haha! I enjoyed reading you and your boyfriend’s convo! I love vegetable salad and every time I send a pic of my salad to my long distance SO, he would always call it a roadkill. 😀


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