We Don’t Carry Almond Milk

One of the things I really miss about living in the city is having the convenience of stores located near by, and the variety in which they possess.  Wal-Mart, Kmart, Giant Eagle, Aldi’s, and places similar are a 30-45 minute truck down the mountain and alongside the river.  Forget about Target; I think that’s like, 1.5 hour away.  The awesome Target gift card that my boyfriend got me for my birthday will have to wait till I can stumble upon the store; perhaps when I visit him next.


Mosaic mural on my town’s grocery store. My boyfriend likes turtles.

Here in my town, we had a relatively decent grocery store.  It wasn’t a popular chain, in fact I’d never heard of it.  Galaxy.  It was clean, well stocked, and had decent choices.  Over-priced?  Yes.  In respect, making the 30-45 minute drive out to the “big city”, that doesn’t even have a target, just isn’t practical.  Not all the time anyways.  You have to plan your whole day around something like that.

This past summer, the Galaxy burnt down!  😦


I think I found my rabbit hole.

I was left with the one other grocery store in town.  And they don’t even carry Almond Milk for my smoothies!  I digress!  The lack of selection mixed in with it’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre “charm”, I just don’t ever find myself in the place.  I do, however, find myself standing outside of the place.


There’s that turtle, again!

The other grocery store has this incredible mosaic mural on the outside of their wall.




I think this one is my favorite

To think, all the time and materials it took to create this!  Each little piece.  Intricate.




A flower appeared.

I usually gravitate towards photographing nature.  There’s a passion inside that wants to explore still life.  I’m taping into it.


My boyfriend motivates me in the best ways.

It’s almost the weekend!  Anyone have exciting fall plans?…


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