Get Down With the Sickness

Geeez, it’s rough when you’re taking care of a child with a cold.  My six year old son has the cold, you know the one, you might even have it yourself.  It’s the sickness that rolls around when the weather changes.

We’ve done the doctor thing.  Got the medicine.  We’ve taken it easy, as much as a six year old boy can.  We’ve watched the old school Willy Wonka, because really, is it up for any debate?  Gene Wilder humor all the way.


Okay, since you asked.

What sleep? 

Most parents have that radar love.  No matter how faint the sound is, you can still pin-point it to belonging to your kin.  Like a dog who hears your ever so quiet attempt at opening the fridge.  Ears perk up, you’re on alert!

When I hear my son coughing, I’m ready to jump in and see what I can do to relieve him.  Propping up pillows, glass of water, vix vapor rub, kisses for comfort.  It is a helpless feeling for a parent, because damn, coughs are persistent and unrelenting!

Last night it wasn’t so much the coughs; but a fever, which to me is a worse threat.  I could’ve fried an egg on his head.  I gave him some children’s ib-prophen, and used cold washcloths to bring down his temperature.  And of course, reassured him that, this too shall pass.


How distorted your head feels with a cold.

You think, will I ever feel better?

I just want to go back to seeing my boy smile and cold-free!


I wanna see his livelihood restored like one of his dream cars.

He stayed home from school for two days.

He awoke today, post fever, and was ready for some 1st grade.

I don’t blame him, I think I went overboard when I tried having us watch Babes in Toyland, the 1961 version.


Side effects from being in love.

When you’re sick, or caring for someone who is sick, many things go unattended.  Now that Paxton has returned to school, and God forbid, I don’t get a phone call that he isn’t feeling well; I have plenty of things to catch up on.

I just have to resist the urge of a nap!  But, boy, am I exhausted.


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