Zombies Takeover Sunday – What and When

I’ve decided from my last zombie post, on the day that I would like to feature a “zombie post”.

Congratulations, Sunday, you have it!

A little challenge for myself.  I’m calling it, Zombies Takeover Sunday.

I had wanted revenge for my jealousy, on the matter of watching The Walking Dead a day later than it’s scheduled.  I know.  Silly thing to get so bent outta shape about; I still get to view it.

It’s just not the same.  I envy you Sunday watchers!  😉


My friend Steve

Last week’s post mentioned how I’ve attended zombie walks over the years.  Plethora of pictures, etc. etc.  🙂


Photo bombed by Uncle Sam.

I feel shamed to say, I haven’t been to a walk in two years, maybe even three.  😦

I had wanted to go to this past fall zombie walk, but the one I usually attend wasn’t being held.  I was pretty sad about that, as were all the zombie regulars that usually go.


There is no shortage of zombie walks out there.  There are many popping up all over the place.  I will have to get my shit together, and attend one, sometime.  I have a blast taking these kind of pictures, and editing them.  So, it would behoove me to check into that.


Pee-Wee Herman influenced me since childhood.

Any who; I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween!


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