One Photo Focus – Freddy Krueger Residence

I seen a blog post for One Photo Focus, and it’s a before and after challenge.  They provide the photo, and you’re inspired to edit it the way you see fit.

It sounded like a lot of fun, and it was!  I look forward to more.  🙂

Original Photo:

Helen Chen November One Photo Focus

Photo credit: Helen Chen

Retouched Photo:

Jessika Gosen One Photo Focus November

Edit by: Jessika Gosen

With this photo, I wanted to give the roots more emphasis; because, that is what my eye was initially drawn to.  I love how they are so intricately woven; and ultimately, the way the Earth has taken over this structure.  I also wanted the inside of this abandoned building to seem more ominous and less inviting.  In the original photo, I seen the faint greens and reds, that I just had to bring out in my edit.

I mean honestly, Freddy Krueger could’ve set up shop here!


Jessika Gosen One Photo Focus November

1…. 2…. Freddy’s coming for you

I’ve had over eight years experience in graphic design and photo retouching.

I learned from trial and error methods on Lightroom and Photoshop, and with help from fellow photographers.  I’m not technical in my explanation, not in the least.

In Lightroom:  I bumped up the exposure and increased the contrast.  I lowered the highlights, increased the shadows.  Lowered the whites, and increased the blacks.  Increased sharpness, and vibrancy.

In Photoshop:  I cropped the left & right side just a tad.  I used curves, selective color, color balance, and saturation.  I used a screen filter and a hard mix filter.

I told you I wasn’t technical. ha!  🙂


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