3 Day Quote Challenge – Love

Allison, fellow blogger, over at How To Get Things Done In 10 Ways, invited me to do the 3 Day Quote Challenge.  I thank you very much, it proved to be inspiring!  🙂  She is hilarious, and has clever posts, please do check her out!

The rules for the challenge are:

  • Thank the person nominating you for the challenge.
  • Post a quote on your blog for 3 consecutive days.
  • Invite 3 of your favorite Bloggers to join the challenge

Quote of the day is!……….


I entered into a long distance relationship in June.  I knew I loved him two years prior.  🙂

The build up of our friendship was important, though.  I’m glad we had that time to get to know each other.

It made our relationship stronger, and we’ve put a lot of commitment into each other.

The distance between us, have been tough.

Because; when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.  

Soon enough, boo.  Soon enough.  🙂 ❤


Please ignore the use of the, for your. Used picture for reference.

^^  I think I found mine and Morgan’s Halloween costume for next year!  Ha!  How cute would that be?!  😀

I would like to nominate these three lovely bloggers, if they would like to participate in this 3 Day Challenge.  Anyone can join in, we could all use a little more quotes!  🙂


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