Zombies Takeover Sunday – Stuff and Thangs

Zombies Takeover Sunday is a day I dedicate for my zombie walk pictures.  I try and write a little something to go along with these posts. 

I am much enthused about my upcoming move!

It’s two weeks away.

That will either fly by, or take it’s sweet time getting here.  It really seems to be approaching soon!

I’m impressed with how nicely things are coming together.  There is still a good amount of “stuff and thangs” to get done before this move takes place.


The face I make when I have to pack for a move.

One of the things I dread about moving is having to pack up my belongings.  Not for the pain in the ass task of doing so; but, because in the meantime, I still have to live here.

It would feel semi-depressing; if I had to live in what would seem to be just a shell of this past chapter in my life.  I like my nick-knacks, pictures, candles, ridiculous stashes of pens & pencils, and other touches that make me feel comfortable.

Procrastination happens to be one of my nasty habits.

The previous time when I had to move, I packed my entire room the night before.


No one should wait until the night before, to pack!

This is a less stressful situation than when I had originally moved down here.  I am very welcoming to this change; and, this time, I won’t wait until the night before to box up my “stuff and thangs”…. 



For me, there is a benefit that comes along with the pressure of procrastinating.

I become a little more choosier.  <– Oh wow, I’m surprised that is a word.  Ha!

I become a little less torn between objects.


One of my favorite Bob Seger lyrics is, “What to leave in, What to Leave Out.”

On occasion, I go through purges; and I have no qualms about throwing something away.

When you’re moving, you need to make room.

I’ve been reminded that starting this new chapter in my life, I will acquire new cherished belongings.

There are some items that are irreplaceable, and I do hold on to those thangs.  🙂  ❤


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