Lie In Anticipation

Why so blue?  Let me count the ways.


I have a big move coming up next weekend; and I’m really so excited about it.

In the same respect….

It doesn’t negate the fact that there’s still things that I’m going to be sad about leaving.

  • My mother
  • My son’s school
  • Friends I’ve made down here
  • The abundance of nature
  • Peoples’ lax nature

It’s actually very difficult for me to deal with impending change; and usually, thereafter.

It’s an anxious feeling.

At this point, my anxiety is through the roof; and my roof, might actually blow away, if this wind keeps up force!  Anyone else experiencing out of control winds?!


Change is important for growth; I know that.


I’m on a Mad Men kick.

It’s mostly me, wrapped up in my feelings; while I’m counting down the days till this change takes place.

Once it happens, and I’ll be with my supportive partner, I’ll be better than fine.

Till then, let me count the other ways in which I’m blue.

  1.   I know my monthly bill is arriving; which means, I’m hormonal, cramps, bloated, break-outs, binge eating, sleeping, blah!
  2.   My dirty-dishwater blonde roots are coming in; and until I can touch them up, I feel like YUCK!
  3.   I’m out of my medicine.
  4.   Daylight Savings Time.  It feels unnatural to have it get dark before 6pm.  It’s inhumane towards people to change the time, especially in the winter.  Winter is already horrible enough.

It’s Friday the 13th, and I’ve yet to decide if I want to watch the Jason flick, or not.  I’m on a Mad Men kick and have made it to season six.  I’d like to finish the series before I move next weekend, (which I’m sure saying goodbye to the show will have me feeling blue in and of itself.)

Still though, as a woman with pre-pms, I feel some cinematic brutality would alleviate some of my symptoms.  Then afterwards, if I’m still feeling emotional and unready for bed, I will torture myself by putting on a romantic comedy; in hopes of reminding myself of the love I have waiting for me after this week.

But first…..


I must decide which of the gorious versions of this masked villain I shall watch.  Tough call.

Enjoy your Friday the 13th!  🙂


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