About Me

I’m multifaceted.  Aren’t we all?!  Isn’t that what makes life so beautiful; that, we are all unique.  We are all equipped with strengths and weakness, likes and dislikes.


I’m a novice writer; whereas, my passion is in photography.

They say a photograph can speak a thousand words.  Sometimes, it’s impossible to fit a thousand words into a photograph.  I decided I needed to combine the two.  Fret not, my posts will not contain 1,000 words- but, enough to tell my stories.

Pivotal information about myself.

I believe in God.

I am a single mom; and have been since the day my son was born, six years ago.

I have a photography business.  Ten years experience in the art, fives years experience in the business.  

Nine years ago I was diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder.  That shit is chronic- and I try to handle the repercussions of it’s existence; daily.

A couple years ago I moved from my hometown where the population is 26,000+; to the side of a mountain, where the population is 1,900.

I am in a long distance relationship, with the man I love.  He has kindled the fire inside of me that went dim.  It has been ten years since I’ve been in a serious relationship; hence, the new and amazing feelings I’m experiencing!

Here are some things I can’t live without:  Music.  Coffee.  Flowers.  Scented Wax Melts.  Nail Polish.  Memes.  TWD.



Random tid-bits:  Favorite Color; Green.  I’m double jointed; people often point it out, and yes it does get awkward.  I’m also, left-handed.  I have only owned a smartphone for a year; I raged against the dying of the light.  I like to try my hand at gardening, and have poorly advanced to succulents.

How I’ve expressed my art:  I was in three local rock n roll bands.  I starred in two independent horror feature films.  I dabbled in modeling; which, led me to my passion of photography.  I’ve showcased my photographs in three art galleries, and plan on more.  I’m near completion of my first book; of photographs.  We’ll just go ahead and add blogging to the ever growing list; because, that’s an art form right?!


29 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You have a beautiful blog :-).
    I studied photography at college, but eventually moved into the sciences instead. Huge transition! Photography is still one of my greatest passions, so I’m glad I found you!



    • ha! That makes a good name, Jessika Kate-n-Blake! It has a good ring to it! haha
      I’ve been working on my half sleeve tattoo for three sessions now, and still have a couple more to go. I need to get two of my gerbera daisies colored in. I can’t wait to finally finish it, seven years in the making! It’s expensive though! haha


      • the ring sounds great 🙂 🙂
        my god !!!!! seven years !!!
        that’s really out of my mind !!
        hats off to you & your tattoo – 🙂
        i would love to see the final version of it !!
        i want to be tattooed but may be after a year or two !!
        ha ha ha !! great !!
        Jessika Kate-n-Blake – keep smiling 🙂


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