Be Not So Impulsive

I’m at my computer; admiring a lot of your lovely blogs, and I noticed out my living room window- a herd of turkeys passing through. 

  • Edit: (I was just informed by a friend on facebook that it is a FLOCK, not a herd! ahha, oops!)

Wild Turkeys – Taken through my living room window.

Yesterday, I had a meeting with my son’s teacher about an upcoming move we are going to be experiencing.


As I’m waiting in the office, it felt like I was a kid again, back in school.  It’s not like I have memories of nervously waiting to be seen by administration; but if I did, it would’ve felt like I felt yesterday.


I really adore the school that my son attends.  They have a great rating, wonderful teachers & staff, and lovely kids & parents.

I have some slight trepidation; because we are moving from a small town, into the city, located three hours away.  There are plenty of reasons for the move, but only one fear comes to mind.

I feel, that his new school will be more rough around the edges.

I’m not green to city life; albeit, not New York City life, but a well populated area, nonetheless.

I know cities can be more harsh.  Not that, people struggle more or less in either environment; but when you add people on top of people, the dynamics start to shift.

I truly believe, everything will be fine.  Paxton’s teacher said he’ll do great.  She said, “… he is a lovable boy, with a big heart!”  Gotta admit, she’s right!

She also said that he’s impulsive.


I have no idea where he gets that from?!

So this morning when the *flock* of wild turkeys came through my backyard, I ran and grabbed my camera.

I produced this one picture looking out my window, before I realized I would have to switch lenses to get a closer shot.


I count 13, I really do.

I change my lens; and I think, I’ll quietly creep out the front door and walk around to the back.  (Right; quietly creep, when there are all those crunchy leaves on the ground.)

Little did I know, about ten more turkeys were loitering through the side yard.

They noticed me, and took off in flight.  Their wings were flapping so loud, alerting all the other birds that “danger” was near.

Really, turkey, you should be so lucky I was going to shoot you with my camera; just wait till the hunters find ya!


The only decent pic I got outside.

In conclusion, I should not have been so impulsive.  I could’ve just changed lenses and shot through my window.  The results would’ve been better than they turned out to be.  Grrrrr..  Duly noted.


Mundane Monday Challenge – Motor

Mundane Monday Challenge:

This is a challenge, created by PhoTrablogger, to find the beauty in almost everything.

The challenge is simple : find beauty in everyday mundane things, capture the beauty and upload the photograph on Monday.

That is simple, and I like simple!

Especially for Mondays.


Marietta, Ohio – car show

I took this picture last summer, when I took my six year old son to a car show.

To be honest, before I had my son, I didn’t have the least bit interest in cars.  New or old.  It didn’t matter, because it didn’t matter…. lol

Well now it does.  I am really thankful my son took up his passion; I’ve really enjoyed learning about them, as much as he’s enjoyed teaching me.

Halloween Stash

I’ve done really well.

Paxton has been asleep for four hours, and I’ve yet to dip into his Halloween stash!


Kid made out like a bandit!

He wasn’t a bandit, though.  He was a race car driver!!



Watch out, Joey Logano!

I couldn’t find a race car driver costume; and if I did, it probably would’ve cost a ridiculous amount of money.  I thought it’d be easier to make one.

I added racing flag duck tape to his hat, and long sleeve shirt and pants.  I used some race car stickers & American flag stickers.  I put a blue first place ribbon on him.  And that was that.  The cutest little racer, ever.  🙂


His biggest fan! ❤

Prompted / Water

I grabbed a random prompt.  Water.

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved water.


I also loved dress up.

That was my pool.

Every summer, for fifteen years, I would enjoy taking a dip, a dive, a canon ball.  My parents would refer to me as a fish, as they had the hardest time getting me out of the pool.


Columbus Zoo

Having a pool was one of the best memories I have from my childhood.

We didn’t need a holiday to have a picnic.

When I was younger, my family was large in size- with grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins, and family friends.  I was the first granddaughter born after nine boys!  I was spoiled, no doubt.  That didn’t stop all the boy cousins from playing rough with my inflatable pool toys, because we would just get new ones for the next party.  Spoiled rotten.

We would pack our backyard with 30+ people, every time.  Plenty of food and beer to go around.  I’m not sure how I was raised in a family of drinkers and didn’t acquire the taste buds for it.

After many years of enjoying the pool, wear and tear had taken it’s toll and it was no longer usable.  That was depressing.

Not more depressing than having relatives pass away.  Our large family had dwindled down to practically just the immediate, and many grew up and went on to have families of their own.  With no place like my backyard to gather, get-togethers became few and far between.

Shake it off.


Columbus Zoo

I am blessed to have these kind of memories from my childhood.

I needn’t be a dickhead about it.


Columbus Zoo

It doesn’t negate the fact that I miss my backyard and everything that was in it.

We had lovely hostis plants.

I balled out one year when I got my income tax check; and, I bought myself a macro lens.  The first time I used it was when it had rained.  I loved the way the droplets were magnified.


Hostis, outside of my bedroom window.


I love flowers, and have many beloveds.  Marigolds are probably my least favorite.  Yet they are so hardy, and flourish well in the fall.



Now, if I could only drink more water. 

Get Down With the Sickness

Geeez, it’s rough when you’re taking care of a child with a cold.  My six year old son has the cold, you know the one, you might even have it yourself.  It’s the sickness that rolls around when the weather changes.

We’ve done the doctor thing.  Got the medicine.  We’ve taken it easy, as much as a six year old boy can.  We’ve watched the old school Willy Wonka, because really, is it up for any debate?  Gene Wilder humor all the way.


Okay, since you asked.

What sleep? 

Most parents have that radar love.  No matter how faint the sound is, you can still pin-point it to belonging to your kin.  Like a dog who hears your ever so quiet attempt at opening the fridge.  Ears perk up, you’re on alert!

When I hear my son coughing, I’m ready to jump in and see what I can do to relieve him.  Propping up pillows, glass of water, vix vapor rub, kisses for comfort.  It is a helpless feeling for a parent, because damn, coughs are persistent and unrelenting!

Last night it wasn’t so much the coughs; but a fever, which to me is a worse threat.  I could’ve fried an egg on his head.  I gave him some children’s ib-prophen, and used cold washcloths to bring down his temperature.  And of course, reassured him that, this too shall pass.


How distorted your head feels with a cold.

You think, will I ever feel better?

I just want to go back to seeing my boy smile and cold-free!


I wanna see his livelihood restored like one of his dream cars.

He stayed home from school for two days.

He awoke today, post fever, and was ready for some 1st grade.

I don’t blame him, I think I went overboard when I tried having us watch Babes in Toyland, the 1961 version.


Side effects from being in love.

When you’re sick, or caring for someone who is sick, many things go unattended.  Now that Paxton has returned to school, and God forbid, I don’t get a phone call that he isn’t feeling well; I have plenty of things to catch up on.

I just have to resist the urge of a nap!  But, boy, am I exhausted.

Throw Back Thursday – Metro Park

Today, like any other weekday, I awoke before the birds.  6a.m.  I scramble in the morning to pack my son’s lunch for school.  I know I could save myself the hassle if I would pack it the night before.  I fully intend to implement that practice, one day.  We jet off to the bus stop by 7:20.

When I get back, I sip my hot coffee on the porch, surrounded by 11.2 acres of woods.  The birds have finally woken up.  We have a lot of woodpeckers and titmice.  Yup; titmice, that’s a bird.  The sounds of nature remind me of a throwback to the days when I lived back in my old town.  Not a very wooded area; however, we did have a metro park that I would enjoy trailing.


Silver Creek Metro Park

I would often take my son to the metro park with his bucket in hand, to collect his treasures.

I really enjoyed when my brother would come along for our adventures, too.


My brother.

This picture was taken right before he ripped a big hole in his shorts.  haha

There had been a time when a storm was approaching, and the moody clouds contrasted really well with the crisp land.


Silver Creek Metro Park – I love blue and green.

My mom is the type that if there were a storm brewing, she’d send us in the basement.  There was no fun in that.

tree woman

Silver Creek Metro Park – Strong like a tree.

One more day till the weekend; then, the birds will wake up before me!!  I probably jinxed myself with this, and my son will wake me up at 5:30a.m.  Let’s hope not.  🙂

Birthday Weekend

It’s been about ten years since I’ve been excited about an upcoming birthday; which, is this Saturday.  September 26th.  I have nothing against birthdays and getting older; in the same respect, see me in another 10 years and my views may have changed. Ha.  Over time I stopped celebrating with a party; and, I’m not sure why.  Touch of anxiety over having an entire day devoted to your very existence?!!  Let’s not get it twisted though.  I do love a reason to get dressed up, hair on point, and make-up all done.


Wait; what did you think I meant by make-up done?

Okay.  This is how I’ve spent my birthdays.  For the past five years I’ve been a photographer at a charity zombie walk; in Lakewood, Ohio.  Their fall walk usually lands on the weekend of my turning “another year wiser.”  Two of my favorite things; photography and zombies.  It’s a gift I give to myself.  Imagine my displeasure when I found out that they weren’t having it this year!  Oh, no!!  I’ll have to miss out on seeing the great friends I’ve made from these gore-tastic events.  It puts a damper on the year.

The silver lining?…..

This will be the first birthday in ten years that I’ve had a boyfriend to celebrate it with!  We are in a 3 hour long distance relationship; and, our lives get busy.  We do our best to see each other when we can.  It definitely means a lot that he’ll be by my side.  🙂

I don’t get to travel back to my hometown often; and, when I do, I usually only have a day and I want to spend that day with my boyfriend.  It’s beyond difficult to try and squeeze all my visits with family and friends in such a short amount of time.  When I realized my 31st birthday was coming up, I figured it convenient to have anyone who wanted to visit with me, to show up at a bar with a jukebox!  The jukebox is pivotal!  I am ALL for live bands.  I was in a few bands.  But; on my birthday, I really want to be able to select the songs I want to hear.  It’s my party; I’ll whine if I want to.  That being said.  I called around to make sure my stipulations were met and I decided on a spot!  I took the classy route; and, shared my “event” on facebook.


In a handful of hours I’ll be making the trip up north and staying overnight at my beloved cousins’ house.  My cousin, is probably my Curtis Lowe.  He plays a mean guitar and it is always a blast when we jam!  Some of my former band mates will be over at his house to celebrate with me and that is such a treat!  My cousins are so lovable and gracious for opening up their house while we stay up north for the weekend.  I’m truly looking forward to it.


Yup; doing my thaang.

And, truly looking forward to my entire birthday weekend!!  I get to see my family, see my friends, and see my man.  Amazingness guaranteed!