Settling In

I apologize, I’ve been indisposed for the past 16 days.


Paxton and I officially moved back to Ohio.

The move went smoothly.

This week, Paxton started going to his new school.  His transfer went pleasantly, and he met a new friend named Marley.

For the past two weeks I’ve been getting things unpacked and settling in; hence the lack of posts.

I’m getting back into a routine.

It has been wonderful living with my boyfriend.  I’m really happy we decided to take on this next adventure.  🙂


3 Day Quote Challenge – Love

Allison, fellow blogger, over at How To Get Things Done In 10 Ways, invited me to do the 3 Day Quote Challenge.  I thank you very much, it proved to be inspiring!  🙂  She is hilarious, and has clever posts, please do check her out!

The rules for the challenge are:

  • Thank the person nominating you for the challenge.
  • Post a quote on your blog for 3 consecutive days.
  • Invite 3 of your favorite Bloggers to join the challenge

Quote of the day is!……….


I entered into a long distance relationship in June.  I knew I loved him two years prior.  🙂

The build up of our friendship was important, though.  I’m glad we had that time to get to know each other.

It made our relationship stronger, and we’ve put a lot of commitment into each other.

The distance between us, have been tough.

Because; when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.  

Soon enough, boo.  Soon enough.  🙂 ❤


Please ignore the use of the, for your. Used picture for reference.

^^  I think I found mine and Morgan’s Halloween costume for next year!  Ha!  How cute would that be?!  😀

I would like to nominate these three lovely bloggers, if they would like to participate in this 3 Day Challenge.  Anyone can join in, we could all use a little more quotes!  🙂

Things That Blossom

I woke up this morning to a pretty cool blogging milestone.


50 wordpress followers!

A couple of days ago, I reached my 200th like!


My blog is blossoming.


I started this creative outlet of blogging, last April.

I had one post that month; and then, not another one until September.

I’ve since, became a regular poster.

For some years, I had lost my voice (not due to an upper respiratory infection) but mostly due to depression.  I became less excited in my passion of photography.  Many days, I would have to force myself to take pictures.  And forget about editing.

I had stock piles of photos, with no desire in seeing them through to completion.

I’d like to credit my wonderful boyfriend, for pulling me back out from the cave that I miserably dwelled in.


This is Morgan. ❤

I hadn’t felt love from a companion; or, for a companion, in ten years.  I had remained mostly single throughout the duration.

I dated a couple of guys, for a couple of months; which I knew soon on, wouldn’t evolve into anything of significance.  I can see right off the bat whether me and “said partner” would be a good match.  If it didn’t click, there was no point in investing anyone’s time.


In a black and white world, there are two kinds of people out there.  Those that can be alone; and, those that can not.  There is no right or wrong in either.  Just an observation I’ve witnessed.

I was an only child till I was seven, and the neighborhood I grew up in had very little kids to play with.  In short, I knew how to entertain myself.

I’m an artist.  I like my alone time to create my work.

After spending a decade alone, it made me realize how much more exciting life would be if I had someone to experience it with.

I just needed a little more patience till the right one came along.


And then I met Morgan.  Our friendship blossomed into a boyfriend / girlfriend relationship this past summer, and I’ve never been happier!


He is as creatively driven as I am.  He’s encouraging and supportive.

Most importantly, I feel the love again.

I also want to thank YOU, the readers, for checking in- following, liking, and commenting on my posts.  It gives me motivation to keep up with my passions.  I am grateful for the milestones that I’ve reached; and no doubt, would not have been possible without YOU.


Throughout this adventure, I’ve come across many lovely blogs that I enjoy reading.  It’s a pretty cool community, and I’m happy to be apart of it!

Gypsy Woman

I often wear my shoes until there are holes in them; and, they’re falling apart to the point of- JUST GET NEW SHOES ALREADY.

I attribute much of that on my frugality.

People have made comments that it’s because I’m a gypsy.  I laugh at that; because, it’s true.


I turned an old dvd rack into a hat and scarf catcher.

Up until two years ago, I usually lived within 30 minutes from my childhood home.  Which had been in my life for 29 years.  There was a kind of comfortable certainty about it.  I had roots growing from my toes, and that’s probably where the holes in my shoes came from.

With the onset of foreclosure and family crises, that happened to be one after another, it had forced me and my family out of our comfort zone; and, more into the twilight zone.  I have spent some years, very confused.  Go ask Alice.


When my family and I discussed a move from home; northeast Ohio, to 2.5 hours south to West Virginia- I was initially syked!  A new adventure.  It wasn’t a normal relocation, though.  My family purchased property on a mountainside.  We had to bulldoze the lot, move trailers onto the lot, get electric poles, septic; and, MANY other things that I’ll save for later posts.  It has nonetheless been an adventure.

I was waiting in Ohio for our spot to be finished, (it took from scouting properties in March 2013- move in November 2013) and that’s actually quite quick when you think about everything that went into it.  In the meantime, all I could do was wait.

How do you spend your limited time knowing you have an impending move?  What kind of attachments can you form if you know you have to leave?  I had two things that was really hard to walk away from.


On a music note, I got a press pass to take pictures of Saliva.

Music has been a passion of mine.  My cousin, James Gang, and his buddies had a local rock band.  They were looking for a singer.  I filled in while I could.  I was in a depression during that time and the one thing I would look forward to was Sunday band practice.  I love hearing my voice through a PA! haha.  Just to name a few, we were covering Janis, Zeppelin, Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, The Cranberries, and Janes Addiction.  There was so much fun potential when we jammed together.  The excitement was everywhere.  That’s why it killed me when I had to pack up and leave.

Leave to go live in a town where no one knew my name.  Having to say goodbye to the band was like having to say goodbye to a lover.  Which that was number two.

heart leaves


I wasn’t in a relationship; and, I hadn’t had deep feelings for someone in ten years.  I ran into someone from high school, whom I didn’t know while in high school; and when we met, I felt connected to him.  For me, it was clear to see that I would fall for him.  Timing could not have been more off for us to be in a relationship.  He was getting his life where he needed it to be.  A man with a plan, is admirable!  And, I was moving away.  I never had a definite move date; but, was always told, “just another month from now”.  While I was waiting to move, we hung out as friends, and as artists sharing our dreams together.  We played it cool.  Well, he did.  I was a wreck.  I wanted him as my boyfriend. haha

When I finally did move away, we remained in contact for two years.  I still had it in my mind that I wanted this guy.  We kept playing it cool.

This past summer…. Well… That’s a real romantic movie like scene.  Saved for another time perhaps.  🙂

I’m ready for a new pair of shoes.

He Asked Where the Meat Was

He asked where the meat was?

I told him it was in his pants.


I’m kinda obsessed with peace signs.

I love my vegetables!  Some of my favorites are zucchini, asparagus, tomatoes, broccoli, and spinach.  I’m trying my hand at cooking more and more.  I hadn’t really a passion for it; because, I’m horrible at time management, measurements, and clean up.  I’ve lived the bachelorette life for 31 years, my entire life.  I was perfectly fine with dumping a bag of waffle fries in the oven and melting cheese- calling it a meal.  I actually decreed it Appetizer Tuesday; Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday.

If you’re cooking for one, it becomes a little asinine to plan meals.

There will come a day when me and my long distance boyfriend will move in together.  I’ve got to do better for us.

Tonight I ditched Appetizer Tuesday, and used the fresh groceries I bought.


Tomato – Spinach – Cheese Omellete, with Zucchini and Asparagus

This was the picture I sent to my boyfriend asking him if he liked these kind of veggies. 

His response.  “Where’s the meat?”

I replied.  “In your pants.”

I look forward to making meals with him, and for him.  I would always see amazing dishes on pinterest; and think, it’d be nice to eat this with somebody someday.


I’ve been pinning since the day Pinterest was created!

Hills vs. Mountains

It feels like the first of October.  It’s a crisp 55 degrees, nestled into the mountains of West Virginia.  I believe it is Hurricane Joaquin that has brought on all this rain.


I had to! You’re welcome!

I live in the northern part of WV; and, the locals will tell you that these aren’t mountains, these are hills.  I just moved down here from Northeast Ohio.  So to me, a hill is something I lay on; and, I look up towards the clouds in amazement.  A hill is something I sled down in the winter.  These are mountains.  They have roads that make you feel like you’re cruising on a roller coaster.  The ups and downs, the whips and weaves.  Most of the riders drive fast; because, they know the land.  Me, I’m like, I don’t know what’s around that bend?  Oh!  Look, it’s a drop off, below you lay the woods!  That is not a hill!  You can’t convince me otherwise.


Border – Drive by on the Ohio side; across the river, West Virginia.

If these aren’t mountains, then one day I’ll surely have to visit some mountains!


If you follow the arrow, that is road you turn off to get to my driveway. -taken last fall

I’m impatiently waiting on a Skype chat with my boyfriend.  I’m thankful I managed to finish this post in time; because, there goes that sweet text message to say he’s on.  Fall is going to be tough to go through without him near me.

The Bean

Happy National Coffee Day!!  I plan on celebrating all day, as if; that’s different from any other day. Ha.


Going hard; with the hot & cold.

I try and convince myself that I get my daily water intake from the amount of coffee I drink.  I mean right, though?  You mix the grounds with the water.  Bam.  Coffee!  Water plays an important part; so dammit, it’s justified!  People crack jokes that I take my creamer with coffee.  It’s true.  I love it sweet!


Drive by photo I took while in Columbus, Ohio- adventures with my boyfriend.

While I’m working on getting my photography to be my main source of income, I realize, I will need another job to supplement my funds.  There are many jobs I wouldn’t mind having; and, I think I could be quite happy working at a coffee shop.  Maybe not this coffee shop.  Perhaps one that is more “mom and pop”.  One that has a little more charm and personal flavor.  Going to work would be like an extension of leaving my place; which, I love my place.  I do get social anxiety; but, seem to do very well in crowds.  Deep down I believe I’m an introvert.  The comfort of my house gives me peace.  We can all do with a little more peace; and, coffee.

Birthday Weekend

It’s been about ten years since I’ve been excited about an upcoming birthday; which, is this Saturday.  September 26th.  I have nothing against birthdays and getting older; in the same respect, see me in another 10 years and my views may have changed. Ha.  Over time I stopped celebrating with a party; and, I’m not sure why.  Touch of anxiety over having an entire day devoted to your very existence?!!  Let’s not get it twisted though.  I do love a reason to get dressed up, hair on point, and make-up all done.


Wait; what did you think I meant by make-up done?

Okay.  This is how I’ve spent my birthdays.  For the past five years I’ve been a photographer at a charity zombie walk; in Lakewood, Ohio.  Their fall walk usually lands on the weekend of my turning “another year wiser.”  Two of my favorite things; photography and zombies.  It’s a gift I give to myself.  Imagine my displeasure when I found out that they weren’t having it this year!  Oh, no!!  I’ll have to miss out on seeing the great friends I’ve made from these gore-tastic events.  It puts a damper on the year.

The silver lining?…..

This will be the first birthday in ten years that I’ve had a boyfriend to celebrate it with!  We are in a 3 hour long distance relationship; and, our lives get busy.  We do our best to see each other when we can.  It definitely means a lot that he’ll be by my side.  🙂

I don’t get to travel back to my hometown often; and, when I do, I usually only have a day and I want to spend that day with my boyfriend.  It’s beyond difficult to try and squeeze all my visits with family and friends in such a short amount of time.  When I realized my 31st birthday was coming up, I figured it convenient to have anyone who wanted to visit with me, to show up at a bar with a jukebox!  The jukebox is pivotal!  I am ALL for live bands.  I was in a few bands.  But; on my birthday, I really want to be able to select the songs I want to hear.  It’s my party; I’ll whine if I want to.  That being said.  I called around to make sure my stipulations were met and I decided on a spot!  I took the classy route; and, shared my “event” on facebook.


In a handful of hours I’ll be making the trip up north and staying overnight at my beloved cousins’ house.  My cousin, is probably my Curtis Lowe.  He plays a mean guitar and it is always a blast when we jam!  Some of my former band mates will be over at his house to celebrate with me and that is such a treat!  My cousins are so lovable and gracious for opening up their house while we stay up north for the weekend.  I’m truly looking forward to it.


Yup; doing my thaang.

And, truly looking forward to my entire birthday weekend!!  I get to see my family, see my friends, and see my man.  Amazingness guaranteed!