Settling In

I apologize, I’ve been indisposed for the past 16 days.


Paxton and I officially moved back to Ohio.

The move went smoothly.

This week, Paxton started going to his new school.  His transfer went pleasantly, and he met a new friend named Marley.

For the past two weeks I’ve been getting things unpacked and settling in; hence the lack of posts.

I’m getting back into a routine.

It has been wonderful living with my boyfriend.  I’m really happy we decided to take on this next adventure.  🙂



My move, this upcoming Saturday is starting to sink in.




I have kept pace at getting things ready around the home in order for relocation.

I did the de-cluttering phase;  throwing things away, donation piles, and things to keep.

This process can be done any time throughout the year; so, nothing really big, or out of the norm to deal with.

What’s about to really hit me, is today, I’m going to start dusting off pictures and nick-knacks and wrapping in them in newspaper.  Then, packing them nicely into a box.

I think that will start to solidify this move.

I mean, I’m glad I’m not waiting until the last minute.

Mundane Monday Challenge – Flower

Mundane Monday Challenge:

This is a challenge, created by PhoTrablogger, to find the beauty in almost everything.

The challenge is simple : find beauty in everyday mundane things, capture the beauty and upload the photograph.

That is simple, and I like simple!

Especially for Mondays.


It’s no secret that one of my favorite things are flowers.

They are pleasurable for me to:

  • Receive
  • Photograph
  • Pause and admire their beauty

Flowers are far from mundane.

But, they will brighten up the start of this frenzied week.  Which is why I picked this photo for today.  🙂

Lie In Anticipation

Why so blue?  Let me count the ways.


I have a big move coming up next weekend; and I’m really so excited about it.

In the same respect….

It doesn’t negate the fact that there’s still things that I’m going to be sad about leaving.

  • My mother
  • My son’s school
  • Friends I’ve made down here
  • The abundance of nature
  • Peoples’ lax nature

It’s actually very difficult for me to deal with impending change; and usually, thereafter.

It’s an anxious feeling.

At this point, my anxiety is through the roof; and my roof, might actually blow away, if this wind keeps up force!  Anyone else experiencing out of control winds?!


Change is important for growth; I know that.


I’m on a Mad Men kick.

It’s mostly me, wrapped up in my feelings; while I’m counting down the days till this change takes place.

Once it happens, and I’ll be with my supportive partner, I’ll be better than fine.

Till then, let me count the other ways in which I’m blue.

  1.   I know my monthly bill is arriving; which means, I’m hormonal, cramps, bloated, break-outs, binge eating, sleeping, blah!
  2.   My dirty-dishwater blonde roots are coming in; and until I can touch them up, I feel like YUCK!
  3.   I’m out of my medicine.
  4.   Daylight Savings Time.  It feels unnatural to have it get dark before 6pm.  It’s inhumane towards people to change the time, especially in the winter.  Winter is already horrible enough.

It’s Friday the 13th, and I’ve yet to decide if I want to watch the Jason flick, or not.  I’m on a Mad Men kick and have made it to season six.  I’d like to finish the series before I move next weekend, (which I’m sure saying goodbye to the show will have me feeling blue in and of itself.)

Still though, as a woman with pre-pms, I feel some cinematic brutality would alleviate some of my symptoms.  Then afterwards, if I’m still feeling emotional and unready for bed, I will torture myself by putting on a romantic comedy; in hopes of reminding myself of the love I have waiting for me after this week.

But first…..


I must decide which of the gorious versions of this masked villain I shall watch.  Tough call.

Enjoy your Friday the 13th!  🙂

Mundane Monday Challenge –

Mundane Monday Challenge:

This is a challenge, created by PhoTrablogger, to find the beauty in almost everything.

The challenge is simple : find beauty in everyday mundane things, capture the beauty and upload the photograph.

That is simple, and I like simple!

Especially for Mondays.


There had been a day, when I had to get a ride to my therapist office.  My ride wasn’t able to pick me up until an hour after my session.

I can usually find something to entertain myself.  I decided I would take my camera along with me; and,  I would take pictures of the town during my wait.

I got a lot of great pictures in doing so.

One that I really liked was this wooden building.  I really found the beauty in it.

Zombies Takeover Sunday – Stuff and Thangs

Zombies Takeover Sunday is a day I dedicate for my zombie walk pictures.  I try and write a little something to go along with these posts. 

I am much enthused about my upcoming move!

It’s two weeks away.

That will either fly by, or take it’s sweet time getting here.  It really seems to be approaching soon!

I’m impressed with how nicely things are coming together.  There is still a good amount of “stuff and thangs” to get done before this move takes place.


The face I make when I have to pack for a move.

One of the things I dread about moving is having to pack up my belongings.  Not for the pain in the ass task of doing so; but, because in the meantime, I still have to live here.

It would feel semi-depressing; if I had to live in what would seem to be just a shell of this past chapter in my life.  I like my nick-knacks, pictures, candles, ridiculous stashes of pens & pencils, and other touches that make me feel comfortable.

Procrastination happens to be one of my nasty habits.

The previous time when I had to move, I packed my entire room the night before.


No one should wait until the night before, to pack!

This is a less stressful situation than when I had originally moved down here.  I am very welcoming to this change; and, this time, I won’t wait until the night before to box up my “stuff and thangs”…. 



For me, there is a benefit that comes along with the pressure of procrastinating.

I become a little more choosier.  <– Oh wow, I’m surprised that is a word.  Ha!

I become a little less torn between objects.


One of my favorite Bob Seger lyrics is, “What to leave in, What to Leave Out.”

On occasion, I go through purges; and I have no qualms about throwing something away.

When you’re moving, you need to make room.

I’ve been reminded that starting this new chapter in my life, I will acquire new cherished belongings.

There are some items that are irreplaceable, and I do hold on to those thangs.  🙂  ❤

One Photo Focus – Freddy Krueger Residence

I seen a blog post for One Photo Focus, and it’s a before and after challenge.  They provide the photo, and you’re inspired to edit it the way you see fit.

It sounded like a lot of fun, and it was!  I look forward to more.  🙂

Original Photo:

Helen Chen November One Photo Focus

Photo credit: Helen Chen

Retouched Photo:

Jessika Gosen One Photo Focus November

Edit by: Jessika Gosen

With this photo, I wanted to give the roots more emphasis; because, that is what my eye was initially drawn to.  I love how they are so intricately woven; and ultimately, the way the Earth has taken over this structure.  I also wanted the inside of this abandoned building to seem more ominous and less inviting.  In the original photo, I seen the faint greens and reds, that I just had to bring out in my edit.

I mean honestly, Freddy Krueger could’ve set up shop here!


Jessika Gosen One Photo Focus November

1…. 2…. Freddy’s coming for you

I’ve had over eight years experience in graphic design and photo retouching.

I learned from trial and error methods on Lightroom and Photoshop, and with help from fellow photographers.  I’m not technical in my explanation, not in the least.

In Lightroom:  I bumped up the exposure and increased the contrast.  I lowered the highlights, increased the shadows.  Lowered the whites, and increased the blacks.  Increased sharpness, and vibrancy.

In Photoshop:  I cropped the left & right side just a tad.  I used curves, selective color, color balance, and saturation.  I used a screen filter and a hard mix filter.

I told you I wasn’t technical. ha!  🙂

Be Not So Impulsive

I’m at my computer; admiring a lot of your lovely blogs, and I noticed out my living room window- a herd of turkeys passing through. 

  • Edit: (I was just informed by a friend on facebook that it is a FLOCK, not a herd! ahha, oops!)

Wild Turkeys – Taken through my living room window.

Yesterday, I had a meeting with my son’s teacher about an upcoming move we are going to be experiencing.


As I’m waiting in the office, it felt like I was a kid again, back in school.  It’s not like I have memories of nervously waiting to be seen by administration; but if I did, it would’ve felt like I felt yesterday.


I really adore the school that my son attends.  They have a great rating, wonderful teachers & staff, and lovely kids & parents.

I have some slight trepidation; because we are moving from a small town, into the city, located three hours away.  There are plenty of reasons for the move, but only one fear comes to mind.

I feel, that his new school will be more rough around the edges.

I’m not green to city life; albeit, not New York City life, but a well populated area, nonetheless.

I know cities can be more harsh.  Not that, people struggle more or less in either environment; but when you add people on top of people, the dynamics start to shift.

I truly believe, everything will be fine.  Paxton’s teacher said he’ll do great.  She said, “… he is a lovable boy, with a big heart!”  Gotta admit, she’s right!

She also said that he’s impulsive.


I have no idea where he gets that from?!

So this morning when the *flock* of wild turkeys came through my backyard, I ran and grabbed my camera.

I produced this one picture looking out my window, before I realized I would have to switch lenses to get a closer shot.


I count 13, I really do.

I change my lens; and I think, I’ll quietly creep out the front door and walk around to the back.  (Right; quietly creep, when there are all those crunchy leaves on the ground.)

Little did I know, about ten more turkeys were loitering through the side yard.

They noticed me, and took off in flight.  Their wings were flapping so loud, alerting all the other birds that “danger” was near.

Really, turkey, you should be so lucky I was going to shoot you with my camera; just wait till the hunters find ya!


The only decent pic I got outside.

In conclusion, I should not have been so impulsive.  I could’ve just changed lenses and shot through my window.  The results would’ve been better than they turned out to be.  Grrrrr..  Duly noted.

Things That Blossom

I woke up this morning to a pretty cool blogging milestone.


50 wordpress followers!

A couple of days ago, I reached my 200th like!


My blog is blossoming.


I started this creative outlet of blogging, last April.

I had one post that month; and then, not another one until September.

I’ve since, became a regular poster.

For some years, I had lost my voice (not due to an upper respiratory infection) but mostly due to depression.  I became less excited in my passion of photography.  Many days, I would have to force myself to take pictures.  And forget about editing.

I had stock piles of photos, with no desire in seeing them through to completion.

I’d like to credit my wonderful boyfriend, for pulling me back out from the cave that I miserably dwelled in.


This is Morgan. ❤

I hadn’t felt love from a companion; or, for a companion, in ten years.  I had remained mostly single throughout the duration.

I dated a couple of guys, for a couple of months; which I knew soon on, wouldn’t evolve into anything of significance.  I can see right off the bat whether me and “said partner” would be a good match.  If it didn’t click, there was no point in investing anyone’s time.


In a black and white world, there are two kinds of people out there.  Those that can be alone; and, those that can not.  There is no right or wrong in either.  Just an observation I’ve witnessed.

I was an only child till I was seven, and the neighborhood I grew up in had very little kids to play with.  In short, I knew how to entertain myself.

I’m an artist.  I like my alone time to create my work.

After spending a decade alone, it made me realize how much more exciting life would be if I had someone to experience it with.

I just needed a little more patience till the right one came along.


And then I met Morgan.  Our friendship blossomed into a boyfriend / girlfriend relationship this past summer, and I’ve never been happier!


He is as creatively driven as I am.  He’s encouraging and supportive.

Most importantly, I feel the love again.

I also want to thank YOU, the readers, for checking in- following, liking, and commenting on my posts.  It gives me motivation to keep up with my passions.  I am grateful for the milestones that I’ve reached; and no doubt, would not have been possible without YOU.


Throughout this adventure, I’ve come across many lovely blogs that I enjoy reading.  It’s a pretty cool community, and I’m happy to be apart of it!