Zombies Takeover Sunday – Stuff and Thangs

Zombies Takeover Sunday is a day I dedicate for my zombie walk pictures.  I try and write a little something to go along with these posts. 

I am much enthused about my upcoming move!

It’s two weeks away.

That will either fly by, or take it’s sweet time getting here.  It really seems to be approaching soon!

I’m impressed with how nicely things are coming together.  There is still a good amount of “stuff and thangs” to get done before this move takes place.


The face I make when I have to pack for a move.

One of the things I dread about moving is having to pack up my belongings.  Not for the pain in the ass task of doing so; but, because in the meantime, I still have to live here.

It would feel semi-depressing; if I had to live in what would seem to be just a shell of this past chapter in my life.  I like my nick-knacks, pictures, candles, ridiculous stashes of pens & pencils, and other touches that make me feel comfortable.

Procrastination happens to be one of my nasty habits.

The previous time when I had to move, I packed my entire room the night before.


No one should wait until the night before, to pack!

This is a less stressful situation than when I had originally moved down here.  I am very welcoming to this change; and, this time, I won’t wait until the night before to box up my “stuff and thangs”…. 



For me, there is a benefit that comes along with the pressure of procrastinating.

I become a little more choosier.  <– Oh wow, I’m surprised that is a word.  Ha!

I become a little less torn between objects.


One of my favorite Bob Seger lyrics is, “What to leave in, What to Leave Out.”

On occasion, I go through purges; and I have no qualms about throwing something away.

When you’re moving, you need to make room.

I’ve been reminded that starting this new chapter in my life, I will acquire new cherished belongings.

There are some items that are irreplaceable, and I do hold on to those thangs.  🙂  ❤


Zombies Takeover Sunday – What and When

I’ve decided from my last zombie post, on the day that I would like to feature a “zombie post”.

Congratulations, Sunday, you have it!

A little challenge for myself.  I’m calling it, Zombies Takeover Sunday.

I had wanted revenge for my jealousy, on the matter of watching The Walking Dead a day later than it’s scheduled.  I know.  Silly thing to get so bent outta shape about; I still get to view it.

It’s just not the same.  I envy you Sunday watchers!  😉


My friend Steve

Last week’s post mentioned how I’ve attended zombie walks over the years.  Plethora of pictures, etc. etc.  🙂


Photo bombed by Uncle Sam.

I feel shamed to say, I haven’t been to a walk in two years, maybe even three.  😦

I had wanted to go to this past fall zombie walk, but the one I usually attend wasn’t being held.  I was pretty sad about that, as were all the zombie regulars that usually go.


There is no shortage of zombie walks out there.  There are many popping up all over the place.  I will have to get my shit together, and attend one, sometime.  I have a blast taking these kind of pictures, and editing them.  So, it would behoove me to check into that.


Pee-Wee Herman influenced me since childhood.

Any who; I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween!

Don’t Open – Dead Inside

I’m a huge zombie fan.  I’ve followed The Walking Dead since its first premiere.  When I discontinued cable, I had to find other means of watching the show.  And unfortunately, I have to wait till Monday to actually view it.

I steer clear from social media until I’m able to see it, because you know, there’s spoilers out there!  Don’t worry; not in here.


Why spoil it? That’s like telling a kid there’s no Santa Claus.

While I wait to watch my favorite show, I think, there’s no reason I can’t fulfill my zombie addiction in the meantime.

I’ve attended eight charity zombie walks, with my camera in tow.  I was very nervous on my first walk.  I went by myself, because I usually go stag wherever I roam.


Lakewood, OH – moi

I learned quickly to save my camera from sticky Karo syrup messes; I need only to do one side of my face in gore.

When I arrived, there were hundreds of people dressed up as the undead.  Make-up artists are available on hand for a very small fee, or, you could just youtube a tutorial on zombie make-up and d.i.y.  🙂


Lakewood, OH – charity zombie walk.

Zombie walks are usually held at a pub, and for a cause.


Lakewood, OH – The Five O’Clock Lounge

The walks I attend, hosted by Old School Sinema, have raised over 15,000 lbs of food for local food banks.

I may have been nervous to attend; but, I’m so glad I did.  I have made some wonderful friends from these walks!  Some of my closest friends are zombies.

Over the eight walks, I’ve collected a plethora of zombie pictures.

I figure, to help keep me on routine with my blog, I’d dedicate a day to a zombie post- I’m deciding on if that will be Sundays, or Mondays.

I still feel salty that I can’t watch The Walking Dead until a day later.


Probably, Mondays

Whatever.  I’ll survive.  🙂


Eat Your Heart Out

My Hands Are Not Tied

Most of us have heard that saying before.  “I’d like to ______; but, my hands are tied.”  It’s basically saying that the situation is out of their control, and not up to them.  Sometimes it’s absolute, and sometimes it’s relative to the person.  I had become good at accepting the victim role, which became the crutch I would cling to.  A few years ago, an injustice was done upon me.  It became very debilitating.  I am not a weak person; I had spent most of my life in manic phases.  A very euphoric state.  I had been a creatively driven person.  I believed I could make something spectacular of myself.  Manic trumps depression any day.  When struck with post-traumatic stress, depression has a way of lingering.  I couldn’t see myself out of burdening situations.  Essentially, my hands were tied.


Lakewood, Ohio. 2012. Charity Zombie Walk

It’s time to gnaw my damn hand off.  I don’t want to feel bound by any excuses, and look back and regret.  I have it in me to see through anything I want to do.  I do have to push myself.  We all do it everyday.

The struggle is real; but, so is your dream.  So go get it!!

Birthday Weekend

It’s been about ten years since I’ve been excited about an upcoming birthday; which, is this Saturday.  September 26th.  I have nothing against birthdays and getting older; in the same respect, see me in another 10 years and my views may have changed. Ha.  Over time I stopped celebrating with a party; and, I’m not sure why.  Touch of anxiety over having an entire day devoted to your very existence?!!  Let’s not get it twisted though.  I do love a reason to get dressed up, hair on point, and make-up all done.


Wait; what did you think I meant by make-up done?

Okay.  This is how I’ve spent my birthdays.  For the past five years I’ve been a photographer at a charity zombie walk; in Lakewood, Ohio.  Their fall walk usually lands on the weekend of my turning “another year wiser.”  Two of my favorite things; photography and zombies.  It’s a gift I give to myself.  Imagine my displeasure when I found out that they weren’t having it this year!  Oh, no!!  I’ll have to miss out on seeing the great friends I’ve made from these gore-tastic events.  It puts a damper on the year.

The silver lining?…..

This will be the first birthday in ten years that I’ve had a boyfriend to celebrate it with!  We are in a 3 hour long distance relationship; and, our lives get busy.  We do our best to see each other when we can.  It definitely means a lot that he’ll be by my side.  🙂

I don’t get to travel back to my hometown often; and, when I do, I usually only have a day and I want to spend that day with my boyfriend.  It’s beyond difficult to try and squeeze all my visits with family and friends in such a short amount of time.  When I realized my 31st birthday was coming up, I figured it convenient to have anyone who wanted to visit with me, to show up at a bar with a jukebox!  The jukebox is pivotal!  I am ALL for live bands.  I was in a few bands.  But; on my birthday, I really want to be able to select the songs I want to hear.  It’s my party; I’ll whine if I want to.  That being said.  I called around to make sure my stipulations were met and I decided on a spot!  I took the classy route; and, shared my “event” on facebook.


In a handful of hours I’ll be making the trip up north and staying overnight at my beloved cousins’ house.  My cousin, is probably my Curtis Lowe.  He plays a mean guitar and it is always a blast when we jam!  Some of my former band mates will be over at his house to celebrate with me and that is such a treat!  My cousins are so lovable and gracious for opening up their house while we stay up north for the weekend.  I’m truly looking forward to it.


Yup; doing my thaang.

And, truly looking forward to my entire birthday weekend!!  I get to see my family, see my friends, and see my man.  Amazingness guaranteed!