One Photo Focus – Freddy Krueger Residence

I seen a blog post for One Photo Focus, and it’s a before and after challenge.  They provide the photo, and you’re inspired to edit it the way you see fit.

It sounded like a lot of fun, and it was!  I look forward to more.  🙂

Original Photo:

Helen Chen November One Photo Focus

Photo credit: Helen Chen

Retouched Photo:

Jessika Gosen One Photo Focus November

Edit by: Jessika Gosen

With this photo, I wanted to give the roots more emphasis; because, that is what my eye was initially drawn to.  I love how they are so intricately woven; and ultimately, the way the Earth has taken over this structure.  I also wanted the inside of this abandoned building to seem more ominous and less inviting.  In the original photo, I seen the faint greens and reds, that I just had to bring out in my edit.

I mean honestly, Freddy Krueger could’ve set up shop here!


Jessika Gosen One Photo Focus November

1…. 2…. Freddy’s coming for you

I’ve had over eight years experience in graphic design and photo retouching.

I learned from trial and error methods on Lightroom and Photoshop, and with help from fellow photographers.  I’m not technical in my explanation, not in the least.

In Lightroom:  I bumped up the exposure and increased the contrast.  I lowered the highlights, increased the shadows.  Lowered the whites, and increased the blacks.  Increased sharpness, and vibrancy.

In Photoshop:  I cropped the left & right side just a tad.  I used curves, selective color, color balance, and saturation.  I used a screen filter and a hard mix filter.

I told you I wasn’t technical. ha!  🙂


Be Not So Impulsive

I’m at my computer; admiring a lot of your lovely blogs, and I noticed out my living room window- a herd of turkeys passing through. 

  • Edit: (I was just informed by a friend on facebook that it is a FLOCK, not a herd! ahha, oops!)

Wild Turkeys – Taken through my living room window.

Yesterday, I had a meeting with my son’s teacher about an upcoming move we are going to be experiencing.


As I’m waiting in the office, it felt like I was a kid again, back in school.  It’s not like I have memories of nervously waiting to be seen by administration; but if I did, it would’ve felt like I felt yesterday.


I really adore the school that my son attends.  They have a great rating, wonderful teachers & staff, and lovely kids & parents.

I have some slight trepidation; because we are moving from a small town, into the city, located three hours away.  There are plenty of reasons for the move, but only one fear comes to mind.

I feel, that his new school will be more rough around the edges.

I’m not green to city life; albeit, not New York City life, but a well populated area, nonetheless.

I know cities can be more harsh.  Not that, people struggle more or less in either environment; but when you add people on top of people, the dynamics start to shift.

I truly believe, everything will be fine.  Paxton’s teacher said he’ll do great.  She said, “… he is a lovable boy, with a big heart!”  Gotta admit, she’s right!

She also said that he’s impulsive.


I have no idea where he gets that from?!

So this morning when the *flock* of wild turkeys came through my backyard, I ran and grabbed my camera.

I produced this one picture looking out my window, before I realized I would have to switch lenses to get a closer shot.


I count 13, I really do.

I change my lens; and I think, I’ll quietly creep out the front door and walk around to the back.  (Right; quietly creep, when there are all those crunchy leaves on the ground.)

Little did I know, about ten more turkeys were loitering through the side yard.

They noticed me, and took off in flight.  Their wings were flapping so loud, alerting all the other birds that “danger” was near.

Really, turkey, you should be so lucky I was going to shoot you with my camera; just wait till the hunters find ya!


The only decent pic I got outside.

In conclusion, I should not have been so impulsive.  I could’ve just changed lenses and shot through my window.  The results would’ve been better than they turned out to be.  Grrrrr..  Duly noted.

Things That Blossom

I woke up this morning to a pretty cool blogging milestone.


50 wordpress followers!

A couple of days ago, I reached my 200th like!


My blog is blossoming.


I started this creative outlet of blogging, last April.

I had one post that month; and then, not another one until September.

I’ve since, became a regular poster.

For some years, I had lost my voice (not due to an upper respiratory infection) but mostly due to depression.  I became less excited in my passion of photography.  Many days, I would have to force myself to take pictures.  And forget about editing.

I had stock piles of photos, with no desire in seeing them through to completion.

I’d like to credit my wonderful boyfriend, for pulling me back out from the cave that I miserably dwelled in.


This is Morgan. ❤

I hadn’t felt love from a companion; or, for a companion, in ten years.  I had remained mostly single throughout the duration.

I dated a couple of guys, for a couple of months; which I knew soon on, wouldn’t evolve into anything of significance.  I can see right off the bat whether me and “said partner” would be a good match.  If it didn’t click, there was no point in investing anyone’s time.


In a black and white world, there are two kinds of people out there.  Those that can be alone; and, those that can not.  There is no right or wrong in either.  Just an observation I’ve witnessed.

I was an only child till I was seven, and the neighborhood I grew up in had very little kids to play with.  In short, I knew how to entertain myself.

I’m an artist.  I like my alone time to create my work.

After spending a decade alone, it made me realize how much more exciting life would be if I had someone to experience it with.

I just needed a little more patience till the right one came along.


And then I met Morgan.  Our friendship blossomed into a boyfriend / girlfriend relationship this past summer, and I’ve never been happier!


He is as creatively driven as I am.  He’s encouraging and supportive.

Most importantly, I feel the love again.

I also want to thank YOU, the readers, for checking in- following, liking, and commenting on my posts.  It gives me motivation to keep up with my passions.  I am grateful for the milestones that I’ve reached; and no doubt, would not have been possible without YOU.


Throughout this adventure, I’ve come across many lovely blogs that I enjoy reading.  It’s a pretty cool community, and I’m happy to be apart of it!

Mundane Monday Challenge – Motor

Mundane Monday Challenge:

This is a challenge, created by PhoTrablogger, to find the beauty in almost everything.

The challenge is simple : find beauty in everyday mundane things, capture the beauty and upload the photograph on Monday.

That is simple, and I like simple!

Especially for Mondays.


Marietta, Ohio – car show

I took this picture last summer, when I took my six year old son to a car show.

To be honest, before I had my son, I didn’t have the least bit interest in cars.  New or old.  It didn’t matter, because it didn’t matter…. lol

Well now it does.  I am really thankful my son took up his passion; I’ve really enjoyed learning about them, as much as he’s enjoyed teaching me.

Zombies Takeover Sunday – What and When

I’ve decided from my last zombie post, on the day that I would like to feature a “zombie post”.

Congratulations, Sunday, you have it!

A little challenge for myself.  I’m calling it, Zombies Takeover Sunday.

I had wanted revenge for my jealousy, on the matter of watching The Walking Dead a day later than it’s scheduled.  I know.  Silly thing to get so bent outta shape about; I still get to view it.

It’s just not the same.  I envy you Sunday watchers!  😉


My friend Steve

Last week’s post mentioned how I’ve attended zombie walks over the years.  Plethora of pictures, etc. etc.  🙂


Photo bombed by Uncle Sam.

I feel shamed to say, I haven’t been to a walk in two years, maybe even three.  😦

I had wanted to go to this past fall zombie walk, but the one I usually attend wasn’t being held.  I was pretty sad about that, as were all the zombie regulars that usually go.


There is no shortage of zombie walks out there.  There are many popping up all over the place.  I will have to get my shit together, and attend one, sometime.  I have a blast taking these kind of pictures, and editing them.  So, it would behoove me to check into that.


Pee-Wee Herman influenced me since childhood.

Any who; I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween!

Halloween Stash

I’ve done really well.

Paxton has been asleep for four hours, and I’ve yet to dip into his Halloween stash!


Kid made out like a bandit!

He wasn’t a bandit, though.  He was a race car driver!!



Watch out, Joey Logano!

I couldn’t find a race car driver costume; and if I did, it probably would’ve cost a ridiculous amount of money.  I thought it’d be easier to make one.

I added racing flag duck tape to his hat, and long sleeve shirt and pants.  I used some race car stickers & American flag stickers.  I put a blue first place ribbon on him.  And that was that.  The cutest little racer, ever.  🙂


His biggest fan! ❤

Throw Back Thursday – Almost Famous

I love Halloween.

I love that for one universal night, everyone has the chance to be something different from their regular day to day lives.  The scale of creativity is limitless.  You never know what you’ll see from peoples’ imaginations.  I like that kind of uncertainty.


Nothing displeases me more. 😦

Halloween this year, kinda fell by the wayside.  I’m living out of sorts, because I’m planning a major move before the start of winter.  I will be much happier when that happens; but, in the meantime, I’m feeling depressed.

And just because I’m not getting to partake in any dress-up shenanigans, doesn’t mean that I can take the fun out of my son’s Halloween.  I made him a super cool race-car driver costume.  His school parade is today, and trick – or – treat is this Saturday.  I will have fun for him, and no doubt, he will have fun, too.

So I’m going to live vicariously through my Throw Back Thursday post.


The Penny Lane

One year for Halloween, I dressed up as Penny Lane, from Almost Famous.  I figured it really easy, because people often tell me that I look like Kate Hudson.  It’s also, a very, good movie!


Halloween – 2010

Halloween, 2010.  Holy crap, five years ago!  Ha!


Halloween 2010. I won prize $$ at my work’s costume contest.

What is everyone dressing up as this year?

Don’t Open – Dead Inside

I’m a huge zombie fan.  I’ve followed The Walking Dead since its first premiere.  When I discontinued cable, I had to find other means of watching the show.  And unfortunately, I have to wait till Monday to actually view it.

I steer clear from social media until I’m able to see it, because you know, there’s spoilers out there!  Don’t worry; not in here.


Why spoil it? That’s like telling a kid there’s no Santa Claus.

While I wait to watch my favorite show, I think, there’s no reason I can’t fulfill my zombie addiction in the meantime.

I’ve attended eight charity zombie walks, with my camera in tow.  I was very nervous on my first walk.  I went by myself, because I usually go stag wherever I roam.


Lakewood, OH – moi

I learned quickly to save my camera from sticky Karo syrup messes; I need only to do one side of my face in gore.

When I arrived, there were hundreds of people dressed up as the undead.  Make-up artists are available on hand for a very small fee, or, you could just youtube a tutorial on zombie make-up and d.i.y.  🙂


Lakewood, OH – charity zombie walk.

Zombie walks are usually held at a pub, and for a cause.


Lakewood, OH – The Five O’Clock Lounge

The walks I attend, hosted by Old School Sinema, have raised over 15,000 lbs of food for local food banks.

I may have been nervous to attend; but, I’m so glad I did.  I have made some wonderful friends from these walks!  Some of my closest friends are zombies.

Over the eight walks, I’ve collected a plethora of zombie pictures.

I figure, to help keep me on routine with my blog, I’d dedicate a day to a zombie post- I’m deciding on if that will be Sundays, or Mondays.

I still feel salty that I can’t watch The Walking Dead until a day later.


Probably, Mondays

Whatever.  I’ll survive.  🙂


Eat Your Heart Out

It’s A Tiki Bar

I am genuinely interested in taking a Rorschach test, otherwise known as, the inkblot test.

I’m pretty sure I could come up with some interesting opinions.  I would find the process rather fun.


Obviously, an acorn.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I see this picture, is that, some poor squirrel is late for dinner.

The second thing that comes to mind is, a tiki bar.

Probably because it’s been eight years since I’ve visited the coast, and I’m longing to breathe in the salty air.

I can picture it now.  Clear oceans and white sand, with little huts on the beach, serving me up a Pina Colada.  Real legit like, too, with a slice of pineapple and a paper umbrella.

I’ve been longing for a vacation like that for ages!  So much so, that I start seeing it in random objects, like an acorn.

Prompted / Water

I grabbed a random prompt.  Water.

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved water.


I also loved dress up.

That was my pool.

Every summer, for fifteen years, I would enjoy taking a dip, a dive, a canon ball.  My parents would refer to me as a fish, as they had the hardest time getting me out of the pool.


Columbus Zoo

Having a pool was one of the best memories I have from my childhood.

We didn’t need a holiday to have a picnic.

When I was younger, my family was large in size- with grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins, and family friends.  I was the first granddaughter born after nine boys!  I was spoiled, no doubt.  That didn’t stop all the boy cousins from playing rough with my inflatable pool toys, because we would just get new ones for the next party.  Spoiled rotten.

We would pack our backyard with 30+ people, every time.  Plenty of food and beer to go around.  I’m not sure how I was raised in a family of drinkers and didn’t acquire the taste buds for it.

After many years of enjoying the pool, wear and tear had taken it’s toll and it was no longer usable.  That was depressing.

Not more depressing than having relatives pass away.  Our large family had dwindled down to practically just the immediate, and many grew up and went on to have families of their own.  With no place like my backyard to gather, get-togethers became few and far between.

Shake it off.


Columbus Zoo

I am blessed to have these kind of memories from my childhood.

I needn’t be a dickhead about it.


Columbus Zoo

It doesn’t negate the fact that I miss my backyard and everything that was in it.

We had lovely hostis plants.

I balled out one year when I got my income tax check; and, I bought myself a macro lens.  The first time I used it was when it had rained.  I loved the way the droplets were magnified.


Hostis, outside of my bedroom window.


I love flowers, and have many beloveds.  Marigolds are probably my least favorite.  Yet they are so hardy, and flourish well in the fall.



Now, if I could only drink more water.